How does at-home insemination with donor sperm work?

2 min. readlast update: 02.06.2024

On the day of your ovulation, you will thaw the frozen sperm sample, and follow the thaw instructions that accompany the shipment of your donor sperm vial. While the sperm is thawing, you will get everything ready. 

Make sure you have a comfortable space where you feel safe and secure. Put yourself into a positive and relaxed frame of mind and prepare the needleless syringe. You may need a towel or cloth on hand. Once the sperm is thawed, the person being inseminated will lie down on their back, raising their hips. You can position a cushion beneath your hips for comfort. 

You or a partner will carefully open the sperm vial and draw the sample up into the syringe, insert the syringe into the vagina, placing the tip close to the cervix without making contact with the cervix (bumping or scratching the cervix can cause cramping). Gently expel the sperm sample by pushing the plunger slowly. Remove the syringe and relax.

We recommend that you remain laying comfortably for one to two hours, gently switching from your back to your abdomen every 20 minutes to give the sperm the time to swim through the cervix.


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