I am a carrier of a genetic disease and would like to have a donor tested before I use him. Do you provide this service?

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Yes, we provide this service for most of our donors. Here are the recommended steps to place an order:

Be sure to look and see if there are any donors currently tested negative that might work for you. The genetic filter on the donor search has the option to search by gene name. If that gene is present on the list, we have tested donors for it. Select the gene you (or the egg source) are a carrier for, and then add other traits that matter to you. After hitting the search button, only donors who tested negative for that gene(s) with available vials will be presented. They may be carriers of other genes; therefore, it is important to ensure the egg source is tested and negative for those before using that donor.

If the donor you prefer has not been tested for that gene(s), we can help. 

Reach out to us by phone (800-338-8407) and provide us the details of your request, including the donor number and the gene(s) you wish tested. Be prepared to provide us with the genetic testing results of the egg source so we can verify the testing needed. We do not agree to test for all genes, as some are adult-onset or not associated with a serious childhood illness.

Before testing can begin, we ask that you purchase the vials you need from that donor for at least one future cycle. He might sell out while we wait for results, and we want you to be able to move forward as soon as his results are back and negative. Since vials are selling quickly, you can purchase the vials as soon as you know he is the donor you want to be tested and before you place the testing order with us. If the donor currently has no vials available, then we will have to wait until you own the vials to proceed with testing. Please wait to ship vials to your clinic until the results are completed and negative. If you ship them out before we have an answer, refunds, and exchanges are no longer an option.

In the unlikely event that the donor is positive as a carrier for that gene, you will not be able to use his vials. You will have the option of a full refund of the vial costs or an exchange for a different donor. The testing fees are not refundable.

Testing typically takes 4-6 weeks, and the fees start at $1000. There is the option for an expedited result, usually within 3 weeks, at an additional fee.

Results will be sent to you as a PDF by email from our genetic counselor.

Please consider the timing of the testing when you schedule a future cycle. We want to leave ample time to get the results back and then ship the vials to your clinic.


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